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March 22nd, 2014
28 day bday countdown!

With Karlee’s 28th birthday arriving in 28 days I wanted to do something different on the site besides just the usual happy birthday post. So I joined up and enlisted the help of the one and only Momma Max who will be helping me countdown to Karlee’s birthday. Every day leading up to April 19 a new photo will be shared of Karlee and ever some rare exclusive photos will be shared.

3 days left:

4 days left:

5 days left:

6 days left:

April 7th, 2014
Voices for Children charity event

Karlee was announced as one of the seven women to be apart of charity event to help support Voices for Children.

Voices for Children, Ian Beckles, and 620 WDAE are bringing “Bartending Beauties – Raising The Bar” to Bungalow Bar & Restaurant in Tampa on Wednesday, April 16th from 6pm-9pm!

These amazing seven women will be behind the bar to serve up some amazing drinks for the happiest of happy hours! All TIPS received will benefit Voices For Children as well as 10% of all food/bev sales during the event will also be donated!

Your bartenders for the evening will be:

Karlee Leilani Perez – Star of “The Cell” & Former WWE Diva
Michelle Fonseca Burrell – Owner of SoHo Cycling Studio
Julie Weintraub – Owner of The Gold & Diamond Source
Anjali Queenb TampaBay – Afternoon Personality – 95.7 The Beat
Luna Brown Ms Figure America – Ms. Figure America 2012
Dr. Gina Smith Midyett – Psychotherapist & “Dr. Love” Radio Personality
Theresa Laton-Depasquale – National Fitness Model/Owner of Bikini Boss Fitness

For more information: click here

By: Malcolm // Category: Events

April 1st, 2014
The Cell wins at LA WebFest!

The Cell has taken two awards home from the LA Web Fest. It won for Directing and Special/Visual Effects.
Congratulations to the entire team!

March 23rd, 2014
WWE.COM Blog – Wild and Young: The oral history of WWE NXT

What do the letters “NXT” mean to you? Lately, you’re probably conjuring images of the powerhouse stopgap down at Full Sail University that transforms virtual unknowns into WWE Superstars, a place where Bulgarian Brutes, Anti-Divas and Men That Gravity Forgot run wild. But a few years ago, those three letters meant something very, very different.

The elimination format continued for four seasons before WWE switched it up again and the concept of “Redemption” was introduced, where previously eliminated Rookies would be brought back for another swing at the big leagues. However, that show eventually evolved again, this time into an odd, alternate-universe version of WWE where the Rookies ran rampant and got into crazy misadventures under the observation (or lack thereof) of William Regal and Matt Striker.

Naomi: I actually loved those shows back then. I miss Maxine a lot. I think she was an awesome villain, probably the most villainous of all of us on NXT.

March 17th, 2014
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and these gorgeous photos of Maxine will have you green with envy. So be sure to check out these photos from last years St. Patrick’s Day 2013 photoshoot

View St. Patrick’s Day 2013 photoshoot

By: Malcolm // Category: Flashbacks

March 8th, 2014
Flashback: NXT – 10/12/11

Derrick and Maxine make their way down to the ring, Derrick takes the mic to talk about how him and Maxine are the most important people on NXT. Maxine says NXT was made for competition and they are the breakout stars. Titus and Percy come out and say Maxine has a “fish lip” and Derrick makes fun of Titus “bark.” Derrick says people are just jealous of the love him and Maxine share, Titus says they are the most disgusting couple in the WWE. Titus says he has done way more than Derrick, Maxine takes the mic and says that Derrick is better because he beat him last week. Matt Striker comes out and tells Maxine to stop running her mouth so much. Matt Striker tells Maxine she will be having a match up next against…..AJ!

Maxine with a two count, followed by choking AJ with the ropes multiple times. Maxine with a one count followed by a chokehold, AJ fights out but is cut short by Maxine. Maxine with multiple face slams to the mat followed by another chokehold. Maxine with a irish whip but gets kicked but Maxine with an elbow followed by a suplex. Maxine with another chokehold and again AJ fights out. Commentary says Maxine claims to have died her hair red due to the new GM liking “red heads”. Maxine attacks AJ in the corner but is thrown from the 2nd rope. AJ goes to the top and hits a cross-body for a two count. AJ zips around Maxine before hitting a spinning heelkick but gets caught later than thrown into the corner. Maxine goes for a roll up but AJ slips out and hits the shinning wizard for the three count.

Results: AJ defeats Maxine

Maxine is also out at ringside for as Derrick Batemans loses his match against Percy Watson.

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By: Malcolm // Category: Flashbacks

March 8th, 2014
New theme: Version 13 – Fresh Pink

After six months we finally have a new look up on the site thanks to! So be sure to check out and place your order.

By: Malcolm // Category: Site News

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