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Karlee Leilani Perez, born April 19, 1986, was known to the WWE Universe as former NXT Diva Maxine. She was quoted to be "a Diva with a champagne taste and a champagne budget!" It wasn't rare to hear the former WWE Diva claim that she will be "on top", and she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it too!

But after 4 years of being a WWE Diva, Karlee left only to return as the sadistic but yet seductive Catrina on Lucha Underground, where she can be seen accompanying "on-screen boyfriend" Mil Muertes as they take over the temple one lick at a time! She went from being "on top" to being "the top" as her segments have drawn some of most attention on the show with her infamous "Lick of Death."



Role: Catrina
Catch it live: Wednesday at 8pm on El Rey Network
Catch it again: Saturday at 4pm on Unimas
Info: Good goes against evil, there will be intense action, humor, drama, great characters and above all stories coming from two of the best narrators in the business (Mark Burnett and Robert Rodriguez). It is the perfect time and they are the perfect team to bring wrestling to the United States."

Role: Garcia
Release Date: 2014
Info: Genetically altered at birth in an illegal experiment, 5 beautiful, wayward women are marked for death as part of a government cover-up. But, when their executioner has a change of heart, the women are brought to the ultimate island training center and taught to harness their super-natural abilities to fight global injustice...including the corrupt system that created them.

Role: Sophiena
Release Date: TBA
Info: Two guys owe money to the mob, to a larger than life, slightly psychotic, forgetful Gangster. And in repayment to him, they must teach his niece to become a stand up comedian, or else they are done for. The girl is absolutely awful at comedy but really thinks she's good. They must take on the treacherous task of teaching Amy how to be Funny, while also planning a bank job close to the theater, with twists and turns.

Role: Camilla Reiquist
Release Date: 2014
Info: Supernaturals have walked amongst the living for millennia. The wiser ones know the value of being unseen. Something now hunts them & the investigating NYPD officers & detectives, something that doesn't understand pity, fear, or pain.

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January 9th, 2015
New Gallery Theme Design

The sites gallery has a new design and a new name! The sites base comes from CherryWine on SellFy and was designed by me. The gallery has been renamed to “KP Images.”

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Mil Muertes enters Aztec Warfare as contestant number 20 with Catrina. He enters the ring and destroys everyone! Clothesline to Mundo, spear to Puma, big right hand punch to El Mariachi Loco! Mil than hits a Flatliner on El Mariachi Loco, Fenix on the top rope but ends up crashing into a big right handed punch from Muertes. Mil than eliminates El Mariachi Loco! Big Ryck and Muertes have a stare off! But before they can have their battle Puma and Chavo attack Mil and Mundo, Puma and Sexy Star attack Ryck. Chavo and Fenix both eliminate Big Ryck.

Chavo grabs a chair and attacks Fenix and than eliminates him. Sexy Star and Chavo go against each other until a surprise appearance from Blue Demon Jr happens. He attacks Chavo and Sexy hits Chavo with a big chair-shot for the three count!

The final four contestants are now Muertes, Mundo, Puma and Sexy Star. Muertes goes to attack Sexy but Mundo and Puma attack him. Sexy star gives both Puma and Mundo a hurricanrana but gets hit with a devastating spear from Muertes and is eliminated!

Mundo fires at Mil with a fury of hits but Puma attacks him from behind! Mundo and Puma both end up outside the ring but Mil pulls Mundo back in. Mundo and Puma hit a superplex from the top rope on Mil. Muertes and Puma start to go back and forth until Catrina grabs Puma by the leg! He pulls her up onto the apron by her hair, but Muertes charges and stops before he nearly punches Catrina! But Mundo flys off the turnbuckle and hits a hard kick right into Catrina knocking her out! He try to apologize to Mil but Puma flys at him from the top rope. Both Mundo and Puma hit a 630° senton on Mil for the three count.

Muertes and than seen outside picking up Catrina and carrying her backstage.

Puma and Mundo continue fighting until Puma wins the match and becomes first Lucha Underground Champion!

Winner of Aztec Warfare: Price Puma

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Here’s the results of the first annual unofficial Underground Luchador Year-End Poll:

Best Heel: Catrina
-Dario Cueto
-Big Ryck

NOTES: Where’s Mil Muertes? He got more votes as a babyface than as a heel. Not the first time a wrestler is just so bad-ass he appeals to the fans. Also, interesting to see the ladies hang with the men in this category. Catrina just barely beat out Cueto. Despite numerous requests for a lick of death, most fans see Catrina as the devilish heel she is.

Best Interview: Chavo Guerrero
-Dario Cueto
-Sexy Star

NOTES: Can’t agree with this result more. Chavo Guerrero is reinventing himself without a complete overhaul of the Chavo we all know. And he’s doing it best behind the mike. Notable that Catrina & Sexy Star don’t get a ton of mike-time, but it’s certainly made a difference.

Best Segment: Johnny Mundo’s brawl with the Crew
1-Sexy Star backstory
2-Dario confronts Drago
3-Several people wrote “Anything with the Lick Of Death”

The undergroundluchador tumblr page

Photographer Tres Fenton went digging thru his collection of photos and fount a photo of Karlee and Melina Perez and was kind enough to send it to me. More photos of Karlee were sent in and will be posted at a later date, so stay tuned for more.

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Visit Tres Fentons Official Site

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#LickOfDeath has taken Twitter by storm because of the infamous “kiss” goodbye after every match. It has been talked about by fans, Matt Striker, Vampiro, and the thousands of men……..and women who just want to sign up to get beat up, just to get licked! So now you have a place to go to keep up with every televised licked served. Enjoy!

Check out #LickOfDeath


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Dario Cueto comes out and announces there will be two 10 man over the top matches scheduled tonight. And the two winners will than face off against each other for a unique opportunity.

Match: Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. Cortez Castro vs. Cisco vs. Bael vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Ricky Mandell vs. Famous B vs. Sexy Star vs. Chavo Guerrero

The first winner ends up being Fenix and the second ends up being Mil Muertes.

The two enter the ring and Dario Cueto comes back out and announces at the start of the year there will be a Aztec Warfare and whoever wins it will become the first ever Lucha Underground Champion! But the catch is whoever wins tonight’s match will enter Aztec Warfare last and the loser will enter in first.

Match: Mil Muertes with Catrina VS Fenix

Fenix starts off trying to use his speed but Mil’s power matches up and is able to counter with his devastating blows. Fenix with a big dropkick from the top rope. Mil slides out the ring but Fenix leaps over the ropes with a big corkscrew outside of the ring. Both men barely make it inside the ring before the ten count. Mil with a spear, than sets Fenix on the second rope and begins to distract the referee. Catrina takes the time to apply a hangman on Fenix from the outside of the ring. Mil Muertes with a flatliner for the two count! Fenix tries to make a comeback by using his speed but it backfires as he gets hit with a big powerbomb. Fenix once again uses his speed but it isnt enough to get the three count. Fenix to the top rope but meets a big uppercut. Mil Muertes than hits a Flatliner for the three count!

Winner: Mil Muertes with Catrina

After the match Catrina enters the ring and applies the infamous Lick of Death before the show ends.

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Melissa Santos is inside the ring as she announces Famous B. The music hits, the lights dimmer and Mil Muertes and Catrina make their way out to the ring.

Match: Mil Muertes with Catrina versus Famous B

Before the bell can ring Mil Muertes goes on the attack. He takes Famous B down to the bottom rope and distracts the referee. Catrina flips Famous B on his back and bounces the back of his head off the ring apron. Mil picks him up and begins the onslaught again. Famous B gets hit with a devastating spear followed up by the Flatliner for the three-count!

Winner: Mil Muertes with Catrina

Mil Muertes picks Famous B and holds him in a full nelson position as Catrina walks over and applies her infamous “Lick Of Death” before throwing him down to the mat.

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