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I know Ive been gone for so long and have missed so much but a return is finally and actually on the way.

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heelbook – Wrestling Characters to Watch in 2016

She could have been just shady, as she placates Fenix’s chances at Lucha Underground (and her) champion Mil Muertes and denies the oli-and-water trio of Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc their due rematch against (also her) champions, the Disciples of Death. And it would’ve been fine.

She could have been just a seductress, by mesmerizing the Temple’s fighters, whenever she saw fit to stop their neurons from firing on account of anything other than her sexy but manipulative voice and predatory eyes. That would’ve also been fine.

But she puts the two together very effectively, while exuding a dark, mysterious power, manifested by her frequent appearing and disappearing acts.

And… she’s now the “proprietor” of Lucha Underground, following Dario Cueto‘s strange exit and temporary exile.

Aaaand… she’s on a collision course with the Baddest Bitch In The Building… Ivelisse.

There aren’t many female characters outside the WWE NXT batch anchored by the 4 Horsewomen that clearly deliver, but Catrina’s balance of effective acting, presentation and ring technique (when it is called for) clearly put her on that list.

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Lucha Underground Season One Recap

As we brace ourselves for season 2 of Lucha Underground, here is a recap of everything that has happened in season one!

Lucha Underground Season Two Trailer!

Lucha Underground Season 2 premieres Wednesday January 27 at 8pm ET on El Rey Network!

Meet and Greet @ The Wrestling Guy Store

The Wrestling Guy Store welcomes Karlee Leilani Perez Former WWE Diva, TNA knockout and currently on Lucha Underground’s Catrina to their store on Friday, November 6th from 7p-9p

Photo or Autographs on $10

Come meet her & talk about Lucha Underground as they’re ready to start taping for Season 2 on November 14th.
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Brace yourself for Season Two!