Maxine posts her goodbye on Twitter

The following messages are directly from Maxine’s twitter account @MaxineWWE:

“We have come to terms on my release. Its been a ride I want to thank @wwe for the experience and understanding on my feelings.”

“Its not easy saying goodbye. But there are other options at wich I can do. To my fans you may not see me on the WWE screen but on another(;”

“I want to do nothing but get the real chance to entertain all of you…sometimes you have to make that chance for yourself!!”

“I want to take all of you with me…so I hope you all understand why i made my decision”

“Thank all of you I will keep you all updated on the new things happening for me”

In another tweet she confirmed she would not be going to another wrestling company, so whats next for Karlee? Who knows, but I’m sure she will end up “on top” of whatever it is she does.

Maxine leaving WWE confirmed

Terry Anderson, who has worked as a seamstress and costume designer for WWE since 1989, confirmed online reports that Maxine has quit the sports entertainment organization.

Anderson joyfully teased a WWE departure Tuesday evening via Twitter, writing, “Yes yes yes …so happy a certain person will no longer be with WWE.”

She was than asked whether the person in question was Randy Orton, who is currently serving a sixty-day suspension for his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program. She responded “nope.” When asked of the individual again, she responded, “No worries, no one you’ll miss.”

After reports surfaced online that Maxine had quit WWE, Anderson was asked if it was her. Confirming the reports, she responded, “:) yep.”

According to PWInsider.com, Maxine quit WWE due to frustrations with “not being offered a guaranteed deal and not having the chance to prove herself on TV beyond the WWE NXT level.” Her profile, however, remains on the company website and no official announcement concerning her status has been made.

Maxine, whose real name is Karlee Perez, joined WWE as a developmental wrestler in 2009. After learning the ropes in Florida Championship Wrestling, she was promoted to NXT for the Diva-exclusive third season. She returned to the program in August and became involved in a love triangle with Derek Bateman and Johnny Curtis.

Source: pwmania
I am greatly saddened to see her gone but as long as Maxine is happy is the only thing that matters. Im sure this will not be the end of Karlee. She has amazing talent, in and out the wrestling ring. So we will NOT be going anywhere and will continue to support Karlee in whatever she does next.

New WWE.COM Bio. Update

WWE.COM recently updated their entire site look with new profiles and all. And since Maxine is now officially on the Divas section she was included in this update!!! You can now view renders of Maxine, photos, videos, merch, news, and tweets from her on her new page. So I have added all 3 of the different looks into the gallery plus her renders. WWE also updated her bio. which now says:

“Maxine is a no-nonsense Diva with no reservations about supplementing the Tooth Fairy’s income with your incisors.

Both inside and outside the ring, Maxine seeks out the best of everything and accepts nothing less. She is a modern-day, in-charge woman — the kind that men know they shouldn’t pursue, but can’t resist. And women? They know to avoid her at all costs.

During season five of WWE NXT, Maxine made a shocking return as NXT Rookie Derrick Bateman’s girlfriend-turned-fiancée when the pair got engaged shortly afterward. What’s her endgame? Well, we’re not gonna ask her.”

So defiantly check the photos out and check out her new WWE.COM Page.

Dusty Rhodes Praises WWE Diva Maxine: He thinks she’ll be a star

– Dusty Rhodes had some high praise for WWE’s Maxine. Rhodes posted to Twitter on Friday:

“Stand out nite for Maxine in FCW last night , she should b big star bound!”