Lucha Underground Season One Recap

As we brace ourselves for season 2 of Lucha Underground, here is a recap of everything that has happened in season one!

Lucha Underground Season Two Trailer!

Lucha Underground Season 2 premieres Wednesday January 27 at 8pm ET on El Rey Network!

Brace yourself for Season Two!

Lucha Underground – Meet the Disciples of Death

There really isnt much to talk about this weeks Lucha when it comes to “strictly Catrina” but here we go:

Catrina brings out the “Disciples of Death” for their first ever lucha contest. The lights flicker in and out as they make their way to the ring hinting at some type of force surrounded by them that affects the electricity in the building. Their opponents who happen to be Pipinela, Mascarita, and their newest friend who is named Bengala make their way down to the dark surrounding ring.

Not much happens that involves Catrina in the match, except towards the end when Pipinela finds himself leaning over the bottom ring rope which allows Catrina to execute the infamous Lick Of Death before the Disciples of Death finish him off for the three count.

Lucha Underground – The sadistic Catrina is back!

Fenix is backstage when the lights go out! Catrina appears from a dim light in the locker room, she tells him that he fell right into her trap. The lights come back on and she continues to tell him that he made a mistake burying Mil and that he has now been reborn even stronger than before. She threatens him by saying “Your just a pawn for death!” He grabs her, but the lights go out and shes gone. Three dead men arrive and jump on to Fenix.

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Lucha Underground – No Escape

Fenix is backstage when Catrina shows up. She tells him he may be a man of a thousand lives, but Mil wont stop until he has them all, and that he must bury Mil.

She than also appears backstage with Mil where she tends to taught him by saying he will wont again be a scared child alone in the dark. She announces next week Fenix will put him in a coffin and he will once again be a scared little boy once again. Before she leaves she tells him “Death is coming for you…a thousand of them.

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Lucha Underground – A War Started in Mexico

Match: Mil Muertes vs Fenix
During Mil and Fenix match-up Catrina decides to come down for a closer look of the action. But as shes watching, everyone else is watching her just trying to figure out who shes rooting for. Muertes ends up getting the pinfall after hitting the Flatliner on Fenix.

Winner: Mil Muertes

His music hits and him and Catrina lock eyes. He signals her to come into the ring for her signature move but she once again refuses! He grabs her by the neck, pulls her over the top rope and slams her into the corner. But while all that is happening she dropped Mil’s stone and Fenix now holds it power! He strikes Mil in the back and than takes him out before rushing over to check on his lady, Catrina.

She walks over and picks the stone up and kneels over Mil, lifts his head up and throws him back down. Just as we thought she was going to stand up she does the #LickOfDeath from his stomach up! But before Fenix is able to leave them in the ring Catrina grabs him and gives him a kiss.

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