Its Coming Back

I know Ive been gone for so long and have missed so much but a return is finally and actually on the way.

Five Years Online!

I never would’ve even thought the site would make it to five years online but we made it! Imma keep it really short though since the site is nowhere where I want it to be, but I wanna give a shoutout to Karlee, her fans, her mom, Alison, Trisha, all the people ou at Lucha Underground who support the site, and everyone else I’ve missed! This year has probably been the worst year for the site, and I know if it is going to make another year I’ve got to step my game up, I know! So I’ll be working on backtracking all her missed videos. If you have any we’ve missed feel free to tweet the site or email maxinesource@gmail.com.

Let’s work on this!

For months, i’ve let this site go. I’m honestly not going to lie! At one point I was ready to just give it up because I had fallen so far behind and it started to feel like a second job. But I was talking to a friend who was asking me about the site and it just made me so happy to even talk to someone about Catrina, the Lick of Death, it made me feel like I was a fan all over again. So I decided, hey let me just watch the last episode of Lucha and see if it still even intrests me……and man let me tell you something! When I saw Catrina come out I wanted to cry, from tears of joy! It made me so happy to see her still grinding on TV living her dream…..and it inspired me to keep living my dream. I’m not ready to give up, I dont want to give up, so I promise, over the next month updates will slowly be returning, but surely the site will be back to being “on top”! Catrina fans, I hope your ready!

Site Update!

So I know over the past few months the site has pretty much shut down and I keep saying Im returning back to normal and than never do…. but I promise you guys I will be returning back when I’m able to. Just been going thru an extremely tough time in life back and forth to hospitals but things will be better. Hope to see you all soon.

Official return date September 9th, 2015!5 year anniversary

Talk about a rough return!

So If you’ve wondering what happened to me well it was two things.

1. My internet router got fried so I had to wait for another one to come in and than the wiring on that one was no good.

2. I was in the hospital, but im all okay now so I’ll once again be starting to attempt to catch up on all your Catrina news!

I’m Around…….

So I know I said roughly 2-3 weeks ago I was back, but than shortly after I got hit with more bad news that just took everything I had going away. Just wanted to let you all know the site isnt closing down and we are still here to support Karlee! I promise you all I’ll be returning soon and back-tracking all missed episodes of Lucha. If you want to keep up with me you can follow me on my personal twitter account @MalcolmMinaj

Site Update

The site will be returning back from its hiatus very soon! Actually it will be back as soon as Catrina makes her return back onto Lucha Underground! But as my previous post said, I’m still dealing with some personal issues but hopefully they will no longer affect the site. Or I’ll at-least try my best to not have them effect the site.