New Theme

When Tres Fenton sent in his exclusive photos of Karlee I just fell in love with them! At the time I had been looking for an outdoors colorful photoset of her but couldn’t find one I just loved. But after seeing those photos I just knew they were the ones. So I turned them into a new theme thanks to the help of Umitohoshi who provided the base for the theme. So be sure to check out the poll on the sidebar and check the site out!

The site also has some new domain names! We can be reached at Maxine-Source.Org, Catrina-Source.Org, or KarleeLeilani.Org!

Subsite: #LickOfDeath has arrived!

#LickOfDeath has taken Twitter by storm because of the infamous “kiss” goodbye after every match. It has been talked about by fans, Matt Striker, Vampiro, and the thousands of men……..and women who just want to sign up to get beat up, just to get licked! So now you have a place to go to keep up with every televised licked served. Enjoy!

Check out #LickOfDeath

Welcome Back v.15

Welcome back to Maxine Source which is of course accompanied by a new look designed by the talented marozcreative.com! The site is back just in time for the debut of Catrina on Lucha Underground. So be sure to stay tuned as we will be covering the birth of Karlee’s career on Lucha Underground.

4 years online!

I’m not going to even lie! But it really doesn’t seem like I started the idea of this site that long ago with my bestie Alison from Miss April. But the site says its four years old so lets just go with it. Last year I covered who had helped with the site since it launched but this year I’ve just decided to go with the people who have helped recently with the site from this past year. First I have to thank Karlee for the OUT-POUR of support she has given me and the site, because a lot of us site owners usually don’t get to have the type of interactions I’ve had with Karlee. Plus the site wouldn’t be possible without her to begin with. Next would have to be Karlee’s mom, or who I like to call Momma Max. From her support of the site when it comes to site projects, donations, stories, etc., she’s one of the sites biggest contributors. And the final person has to be Alison, just simply because without her NONE of this would have been possible because I still remember sending that first message on messenger asking “how do I start a site on someone with hardly any information out on them” and have never watching FCW.

So honestly these three women made the site what it is today, and what it will become in the future as where all about to take another journey with Karlee as shes on her return back to wrestling, in movies, short films, music videos, and a whole lot more.

But before I end it there I have to also say thanks to all of the sites viewers who are fans of Karlee and want to follow her on this journey to the big screens. Because the tweets and emails I get from you all make me continue to want and enjoy running this site! So once again thank you everyone.


28 day bday countdown!

With Karlee’s 28th birthday arriving in 28 days I wanted to do something different on the site besides just the usual happy birthday post. So I joined up and enlisted the help of the one and only Momma Max who will be helping me countdown to Karlee’s birthday. Every day leading up to April 19 a new photo will be shared of Karlee and ever some rare exclusive photos will be shared.

To View All Photos Please Continue Reading This Post – (more…)

New theme: Version 13 – Fresh Pink

After six months we finally have a new look up on the site thanks to marozcreative.com! So be sure to check out marozcreative.com and place your order.

New Domain Names

I decided to purchase two new domains for the site. I wanted to have them when the site turned three years old but I finally got around to getting them. Now the site can be reached at karlee-perez.com and karleeleilani.org!