Tres Fenton Photography: Juicy Mag Photo Set

Tres Fenton has done it again! He sent in another three lovely photos of Karlee that he took awhile back for the return of his Glamour magazine JuicyMag featuring “the hottest models in Florida.” So be sure to check them out in the sites gallery.

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New Tres Fenton photos!

Tres Fenton has sent me even more exclusive photos of Karlee that he has taken! These two photos are headshots that really show off just how truly beautiful she really is.

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New Gallery Theme Design

The sites gallery has a new design and a new name! The sites base comes from CherryWine on SellFy and was designed by me. The gallery has been renamed to “KP Images.”

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Lucha Underground – Aztec Warfare

Mil Muertes enters Aztec Warfare as contestant number 20 with Catrina. He enters the ring and destroys everyone! Clothesline to Mundo, spear to Puma, big right hand punch to El Mariachi Loco! Mil than hits a Flatliner on El Mariachi Loco, Fenix on the top rope but ends up crashing into a big right handed punch from Muertes. Mil than eliminates El Mariachi Loco! Big Ryck and Muertes have a stare off! But before they can have their battle Puma and Chavo attack Mil and Mundo, Puma and Sexy Star attack Ryck. Chavo and Fenix both eliminate Big Ryck.

Chavo grabs a chair and attacks Fenix and than eliminates him. Sexy Star and Chavo go against each other until a surprise appearance from Blue Demon Jr happens. He attacks Chavo and Sexy hits Chavo with a big chair-shot for the three count!

The final four contestants are now Muertes, Mundo, Puma and Sexy Star. Muertes goes to attack Sexy but Mundo and Puma attack him. Sexy star gives both Puma and Mundo a hurricanrana but gets hit with a devastating spear from Muertes and is eliminated!

Mundo fires at Mil with a fury of hits but Puma attacks him from behind! Mundo and Puma both end up outside the ring but Mil pulls Mundo back in. Mundo and Puma hit a superplex from the top rope on Mil. Muertes and Puma start to go back and forth until Catrina grabs Puma by the leg! He pulls her up onto the apron by her hair, but Muertes charges and stops before he nearly punches Catrina! But Mundo flys off the turnbuckle and hits a hard kick right into Catrina knocking her out! He try to apologize to Mil but Puma flys at him from the top rope. Both Mundo and Puma hit a 630° senton on Mil for the three count.

Muertes and than seen outside picking up Catrina and carrying her backstage.

Puma and Mundo continue fighting until Puma wins the match and becomes first Lucha Underground Champion!

Winner of Aztec Warfare: Price Puma

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Photoshoot: Tres Fenton – Karlee and Melina Perez

Photographer Tres Fenton went digging thru his collection of photos and fount a photo of Karlee and Melina Perez and was kind enough to send it to me. More photos of Karlee were sent in and will be posted at a later date, so stay tuned for more.

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28 day bday countdown!

With Karlee’s 28th birthday arriving in 28 days I wanted to do something different on the site besides just the usual happy birthday post. So I joined up and enlisted the help of the one and only Momma Max who will be helping me countdown to Karlee’s birthday. Every day leading up to April 19 a new photo will be shared of Karlee and ever some rare exclusive photos will be shared.

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New Gallery Theme

We have a new gallery theme thanks to the talented Cristy over at DaxStudios.net! So be sure to go and place your order in with her.