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heelbook – Wrestling Characters to Watch in 2016

She could have been just shady, as she placates Fenix’s chances at Lucha Underground (and her) champion Mil Muertes and denies the oli-and-water trio of Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc their due rematch against (also her) champions, the Disciples of Death. And it would’ve been fine.

She could have been just a seductress, by mesmerizing the Temple’s fighters, whenever she saw fit to stop their neurons from firing on account of anything other than her sexy but manipulative voice and predatory eyes. That would’ve also been fine.

But she puts the two together very effectively, while exuding a dark, mysterious power, manifested by her frequent appearing and disappearing acts.

And… she’s now the “proprietor” of Lucha Underground, following Dario Cueto‘s strange exit and temporary exile.

Aaaand… she’s on a collision course with the Baddest Bitch In The Building… Ivelisse.

There aren’t many female characters outside the WWE NXT batch anchored by the 4 Horsewomen that clearly deliver, but Catrina’s balance of effective acting, presentation and ring technique (when it is called for) clearly put her on that list.

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Karlee PSA – Following your Dreams by “My Life My Power”

My Life My Power (MLMP) is a National 501(c)3 Anti-Bullying and Youth Development Non-Profit, that was founded in 2010 by Undefeated Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and WWE’s Tough Enough Champion, Daniel Puder. While Daniel is a now a Professional Athlete, things were quite different for him while growing up. He struggled with being overweight and was also in Special Education classes throughout the majority of his schooling, which caused him to be an easy target of bullying. When he began to hear of the kids who were committing suicide from being bullied, he felt a personal connection to the issue and knew that something needed to be done to change the mindset of our youth! Therefore, rather than simply saying a few public words about this issue, Daniel was compelled to create a complete program, geared toward youth, to be implemented in schools and after-school programs to prevent more tragedies from happening. And that is how My Life My Power began!

To add value within communities by inspiring our future generations

Undrgrndluchadr Year End Poll Review

Here’s the results of the first annual unofficial Underground Luchador Year-End Poll:

Best Heel: Catrina
-Dario Cueto
-Big Ryck

NOTES: Where’s Mil Muertes? He got more votes as a babyface than as a heel. Not the first time a wrestler is just so bad-ass he appeals to the fans. Also, interesting to see the ladies hang with the men in this category. Catrina just barely beat out Cueto. Despite numerous requests for a lick of death, most fans see Catrina as the devilish heel she is.

Best Interview: Chavo Guerrero
-Dario Cueto
-Sexy Star

NOTES: Can’t agree with this result more. Chavo Guerrero is reinventing himself without a complete overhaul of the Chavo we all know. And he’s doing it best behind the mike. Notable that Catrina & Sexy Star don’t get a ton of mike-time, but it’s certainly made a difference.

Best Segment: Johnny Mundo’s brawl with the Crew
1-Sexy Star backstory
2-Dario confronts Drago
3-Several people wrote “Anything with the Lick Of Death”

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TNA Knockouts Knockdown Trailer Clip

Watch One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown Premiering on Pay-Per-View and YouTube November 7th. Join Angelina Love , Brittany, Brooke, Deonna, Gail Kim, Jessica Havoc, Karlee Perez, Madison Rayne, Marti Belle, Mia Yim, ODB, Reby, Scarlett, Taryn Terrell, Veda Scott, Velvet Sky for a night of action you won’t soon forget! Eight aspiring Knockouts will take on eight current TNA Knockouts, with the winners advancing to a Gauntlet match at the end of the night to determine “Queen” and win the crown. TNA Wrestling presents ONE NIGHT ONLY: KNOCKOUTS KNOCKDOWN 2014 premiering November 7, 8/7c on Pay Per View.