Former Divas Who Found Success After WWE

Karlee Perez, AKA Maxine, may be the most talented Diva wrestling fans have never heard of.  As a featured performer on NXT: Redemption, Perez showed she could play the catty, obnoxious heel to perfection. And who can forget her fantastic partnership with Johnny Curtis (now Fandango)?

Alas, WWE never promoted the model-turned-wrestler on to a main spot on the roster and, as she noted to Diva-Dirt last year, her frustration with her stagnant career led to her asking, and receiving, her release.

Perez has kept very busy since then. Back in January, it was announced she had become the official spokesperson for WIFL (Women’s Indoor Football League). She’s also picked up some significant acting gigs, too. As she mentioned to The Rack, she snagged the lead in a B movie horror And Then The Night Comes. She’s also noted on Twitter recently that she’d won a role in upcoming series The Cell.

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Is Karlee the next Dwayne Johnson?

Crossing over is all the rage right now in Hollywood.

Movie stars are tackling TV roles. Television actors are transitioning to the big screen. Even athletes are making it as actors, if they have enough talent, dedication and charisma.

One of the best examples of the latter is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a former football star and pro wrestling legend who has parlayed his megawatt smile and massive build into a hugely successful movie career.

Former WWE star Karlee Perez, aka Maxine, is hoping to follow the same path Johnson blazed from the ring to the screen; the fact that no female has done it is not about to keep her from realizing her goal.

“I was with the WWE for almost four years, and I spent three and a half years taking acting classes to work on my skills,” Perez said recently after auditioning for a movie role with producer Jimmy Fitzpatrick at MPC Models in downtown Safety Harbor.

“I was used mostly for my promotional and speaking skills. And when you’re on live in front of millions of people, you can’t mess up.”

While she knows making the switch from the bright lights of professional wrestling to the bright lights of a movie set isn’t going to be easy, Perez believes she has what it takes to be successful at it.


MPC Models sign Karlee!

Dianne Paulson and her staff members interviewed Karlee Leilani Perez last week and signed her that day. Karlee, known as Maxine from the WWE can take the hits and still look amazing. Working with the ROCK from WWE, Karlee may be a petite young lady, but so is Angelina Jolie. Karlee likes to keep her fans excited and is quite personable with them. “ I have had to prove myself in the business” says Perez. “Working out and learning how to take the hits literally, and developing an International fan base. You have to be more than a pretty face, knowing the business helps, but you have to have connections.” Dianne and her staff want to take Karlee out of the ring and transform her to be the first woman from the WWE to hit the big time with Hollywood. Walking in the footsteps of the “Rock“. Karlee has since met with director, Jimmy Fitzpatrick for a major role in one of his up and coming films. Karlee will be working with the WBBF World Body Business Federation as well as working for a fitness show in May doing a video for Bikini Fitness. Karlee is working on her singing career and has met with Tuner Broadcasting Company. Karlee sounds a lot like Rihanna when she sings. “Staying healthy and having great skin is the key as well as a good manager like MPC Models.”

Also noted from this PR release it states Karlee is now becoming a signer and sounds like Rihanna! I can not wait to hear her first release track.

Spokeswoman for WIFL

Karlee has been accounced as the new spokeswoman for WIFL(Womens Indoor Football League)!

The following is a statement from the Official WIFL Site:

The WIFL is very happy to announce that former WWE Diva Karlee Leilani is joining the league staff as our spokeswoman. Leilani spent several years with the WWE as Maxine before pursuing a movie career. She has recently landed a leading role in a major feature film, as well as having several TV projects in the works. She will be the face and voice of the league and for women’s professional football. “I’m very excited about working with the WIFL and supporting female athletes.” said Leilani. “I’m looking forward to being a part of the growth of the WIFL.”

Karlee had the following to say on Twitter:

Hello everyone..so big updates Im the new face for WIFL football. headed to ATL..have 4scripts in hand im reading for then the #Grammys (;

Topps WWE Trading cards to ship soon

Starting next month on September 5th I believe the 2012 Topps Wrestling cards will be shipping out to be sold. Which means you will have your lucky chance to get of Maxine’s first ever trading cards! I will try my best to obtain one of these cards from the packs If I have the funds. If you do happen to catch one be sure to send a picture as us fans would love to see them.

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