WWE.COM Blog – Wild and Young: The oral history of WWE NXT

What do the letters “NXT” mean to you? Lately, you’re probably conjuring images of the powerhouse stopgap down at Full Sail University that transforms virtual unknowns into WWE Superstars, a place where Bulgarian Brutes, Anti-Divas and Men That Gravity Forgot run wild. But a few years ago, those three letters meant something very, very different.

The elimination format continued for four seasons before WWE switched it up again and the concept of “Redemption” was introduced, where previously eliminated Rookies would be brought back for another swing at the big leagues. However, that show eventually evolved again, this time into an odd, alternate-universe version of WWE where the Rookies ran rampant and got into crazy misadventures under the observation (or lack thereof) of William Regal and Matt Striker.

Naomi: I actually loved those shows back then. I miss Maxine a lot. I think she was an awesome villain, probably the most villainous of all of us on NXT.

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