Lucha Underground Results – The Key

Melissa Santos is inside the ring as she announces Famous B. The music hits, the lights dimmer and Mil Muertes and Catrina make their way out to the ring.

Match: Mil Muertes with Catrina versus Famous B

Before the bell can ring Mil Muertes goes on the attack. He takes Famous B down to the bottom rope and distracts the referee. Catrina flips Famous B on his back and bounces the back of his head off the ring apron. Mil picks him up and begins the onslaught again. Famous B gets hit with a devastating spear followed up by the Flatliner for the three-count!

Winner: Mil Muertes with Catrina

Mil Muertes picks Famous B and holds him in a full nelson position as Catrina walks over and applies her infamous “Lick Of Death” before throwing him down to the mat.

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