Lucha Underground – A Unique Opportunity

Dario Cueto comes out and announces there will be two 10 man over the top matches scheduled tonight. And the two winners will than face off against each other for a unique opportunity.

Match: Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. Cortez Castro vs. Cisco vs. Bael vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Ricky Mandell vs. Famous B vs. Sexy Star vs. Chavo Guerrero

The first winner ends up being Fenix and the second ends up being Mil Muertes.

The two enter the ring and Dario Cueto comes back out and announces at the start of the year there will be a Aztec Warfare and whoever wins it will become the first ever Lucha Underground Champion! But the catch is whoever wins tonight’s match will enter Aztec Warfare last and the loser will enter in first.

Match: Mil Muertes with Catrina VS Fenix

Fenix starts off trying to use his speed but Mil’s power matches up and is able to counter with his devastating blows. Fenix with a big dropkick from the top rope. Mil slides out the ring but Fenix leaps over the ropes with a big corkscrew outside of the ring. Both men barely make it inside the ring before the ten count. Mil with a spear, than sets Fenix on the second rope and begins to distract the referee. Catrina takes the time to apply a hangman on Fenix from the outside of the ring. Mil Muertes with a flatliner for the two count! Fenix tries to make a comeback by using his speed but it backfires as he gets hit with a big powerbomb. Fenix once again uses his speed but it isnt enough to get the three count. Fenix to the top rope but meets a big uppercut. Mil Muertes than hits a Flatliner for the three count!

Winner: Mil Muertes with Catrina

After the match Catrina enters the ring and applies the infamous Lick of Death before the show ends.

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