Undrgrndluchadr Year End Poll Review

Here’s the results of the first annual unofficial Underground Luchador Year-End Poll:

Best Heel: Catrina
-Dario Cueto
-Big Ryck

NOTES: Where’s Mil Muertes? He got more votes as a babyface than as a heel. Not the first time a wrestler is just so bad-ass he appeals to the fans. Also, interesting to see the ladies hang with the men in this category. Catrina just barely beat out Cueto. Despite numerous requests for a lick of death, most fans see Catrina as the devilish heel she is.

Best Interview: Chavo Guerrero
-Dario Cueto
-Sexy Star

NOTES: Can’t agree with this result more. Chavo Guerrero is reinventing himself without a complete overhaul of the Chavo we all know. And he’s doing it best behind the mike. Notable that Catrina & Sexy Star don’t get a ton of mike-time, but it’s certainly made a difference.

Best Segment: Johnny Mundo’s brawl with the Crew
1-Sexy Star backstory
2-Dario confronts Drago
3-Several people wrote “Anything with the Lick Of Death”

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