Lucha Underground – “They Call Him Cage”

Match: Mil with Catrina vs Fenix

Mil and Catrina walk out to a stand ovation from the Lucha Temple! Mil charges at Fenix who quickly dodges and gets a one count. Mil tries to kick, punch, clothesline Fenix but he’s just to quick! Fenix punches Mil in the face which doesnt set well with him. He tosses Muertes into the corner and charges at him with a big kick to the head. He charges again and hits a double knee, and atempts to do it again but meets Mil’s right hand which almost knocks him out! Fenix once again charges from the opposite corner of the ring but Mil just throws him behind him into the corner. Mil hits a Spike DDT for a two count. Fenix tries to counter but gets caught from behind which allows Mil to hit a German Suplex for a two count. The crowd starts a Catrina chant and she loves every second of it as she cheers the crowd on! They than began a Mil Muertes chant. He throws Fenix but he slides between the apron and the turnbuckle but gets caught and thrown back down onto the mat. Mil hits a destructive Spear for a two count. Mil sets Fenix onto the top rope and throws him across the ring by the neck. Fenix than gets beat down while in the corner. Another Mil chant breaks out. He sets Fenix back ontop of the turnbuckle. Muertes and Fenix on the top rope and Mil hits a big superplex but as they land Fenix hooks Mil’s leg and gets the three count for the win.


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