Lucha Underground – Eye for an Eye

Match: Mil Muertes va Chavo Guerrero

Catrina makes her way down to the ring after Muertes has been taking a beating most of the match. Her control seems to effect Mil as he starts to gain an advantage over Chavo.

Mil lifts Chavo over the top rope but catches a glimpse of Catrina. He turns his attention to her as she toys him with his stone. Chavo grabs a chair from under the ring and strikes Mil in the back which only infuriates him. He knocks the chair out of his hands and hits a Flatliner.

He than demands Catrina to come into the ring and do her infamous Lick Of Death but she refuses. He grabs her by the hair and drags her overtop of Chavo but she continues to refuse. Mil grabs her by the throat and prepares to use a Flatliner on her until her new boyfriend(?) Fenix comes flying into the ring for the save. They escape out of the ring and Catrina decides to get lip-locked with Fenix while staring Mil down before the walk off.

Winner: Draw by Disqualification

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