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April 26th, 2012
Superstar Results – I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Maxine

Maxine makes her way out to the ring, and the bell rings. The two lock up, Kelly with a chokehold followed by an Irish Whip. Kelly Kelly with a Thesz press and pounds away. Maxine crawls over to the corner only to get multiple kicks by Kelly. Kelly goes to the opposite side of the ring to do her signature Handspring back elbow smash but Maxine moves out of the way. Maxine with multiple face smashes, followed by a chokehold. Kelly almost escapes the hold but is thrown back down to the mat. Maxine with a two count, followed by another chokehold. Maxine stands up over Kelly and puts her into another chokehold. Kelly uses her elbows and fists to get Maxine off her. She pushes her, Maxine goes for the charge and leaps onto Kelly gor her signature sleeperhold. Kelly rams her into the corner.Kelly gets behind Maxine and gets her into a Hanging figure four necklock. Kelly lets go and than trips Maxine. Kelly than “snaps” and begins smashing Maxine’s face into the mat and the corner of the ring. Kelly with the stinkface, followed by the Handspring back elbow smash. Kelly pulls Maxine away from the ropes and hits her K2 for the three count.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

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