Former Divas Who Found Success After WWE

Karlee Perez, AKA Maxine, may be the most talented Diva wrestling fans have never heard of.  As a featured performer on NXT: Redemption, Perez showed she could play the catty, obnoxious heel to perfection. And who can forget her fantastic partnership with Johnny Curtis (now Fandango)?

Alas, WWE never promoted the model-turned-wrestler on to a main spot on the roster and, as she noted to Diva-Dirt last year, her frustration with her stagnant career led to her asking, and receiving, her release.

Perez has kept very busy since then. Back in January, it was announced she had become the official spokesperson for WIFL (Women’s Indoor Football League). She’s also picked up some significant acting gigs, too. As she mentioned to The Rack, she snagged the lead in a B movie horror And Then The Night Comes. She’s also noted on Twitter recently that she’d won a role in upcoming series The Cell.

Source: bleacherreport.com/

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