The Interview

Nish asked:

If you could have a dream match, who would you compete with? If I had a dream match I would want to work Nadie

Jayde asked:

Any relation at all to Melina? Maybe (;

Alison asked:

How did you get into Wrestling? and did you think it would be the right choice for you? Wrestling was not a plan for me. I went to school for criminology and was working on rape cases when I was hired in the WWE. But I love to speak my mind and have the chance to do that in front of millions of people. So I grew into this business and fell in love with it. But their were times I had doubts, and then I would remember what goals I had here in the WWE and kept moving.

Dennison asked:

When you become part of the WWE roster, where do you see yourself fitting in and what do you believe you can bring to the stories and how do you plan to help WWE pay more attention to the Divas division? One word DIFFERENT!!!!! I think I stand out then the typical diva. I feel I’m to strong headed to be a valet to a man and to out spoken to blend In. Hopefully I can bring some strength to the divas and show it’s not just about a pretty face. Men will hopefully respect it and woman will start to speak up and be independent.

Lisa asked:

What advice would you give to younger girls, like myself to make it in the wrestling industry? The industry is no cake walk it’s very political and judgmental. stay strong to what fits you don’t be something your not. And don’t ever give up your pride or respect for yourself to gain anything work hard hopefully it will pay off.