The Birth of Maxine Source

So four years ago I sat down thinking about making another site. I wasn’t much of a fan of any of the divas at that time on the roster, but then the all diva season of NXT was announced. So I started looking into the divas and none of them really caught my attention except for Maxine. Now at this point I knew nothing about her. When I tried to find information I just came up with blanks. Except that her real name was Karlee Perez, people thought she was related to Melina Perez(former WWE Diva). So I lost hope until I met someone who changed everything. Alison, the owner of Miss-April.Org already had a fansite for fellow rookie AJ. So I decided to get in contact with her and she begin helping me with videos, links, info, the whole nine yards! Shortly after that Maxine-Source.Net was born.

Three years later the site moved hosts and along came a new domain which became Maxine-Source.Org.

I feel this site has been not only the most successful, but the most entertaining of all the sites I’ve ran! Over the years Ive meet some amazing people who have changed my entire life in the “fansite world” and even some in my personal life.

At the top of my head only four people come to mind who have made this site what it is today! First person whould be someone I mentioned earlier (cough), Alison! To be honest, I dont know if I would have ever created this site if it wasnt for your help since day one. You’ve been a create friend, co-web, and all. Your someone I would consider a true friend.

This next person, lord I dont know what to say about her but Trisha….. I love you…..I owe you around $1000 in designs that you will never see  you have made for me over the years! Everything from your Skype calls, emails, tweets, designs, pretty much everything. You are defiantly considered to be a true friend <3

Next to last person would be Cristy, if I wasn’t for Cristy I honestly don’t know what the site would’ve looked like throughout the years. (Except for the designs Trisha did). Even when I wasn’t ordering from you because I didn’t have the money you still kindly allowed me to use your coding on the site.

Last people to thank are Karlee and her mom Wendy. Like you all will never understand how much everything you two have done has helped me over these past years. Everything from Karlee tweeting, Facebook messaging, and emailing me. And same goes to you also Wendy for your emails where you sent in photos of Karlee. I mean, Karlee plays the “mean girl” role very well because when she sends you a message she is literally the sweetest person ever! Until you get on her bad side (NXT Quote). I hope you continue to be the person you are today and I know you will do great in whatever field you are in whether it be acting, modeling, or wrestling. You can do it all and I will still continue to support you! <3

For a quick list of people to be thanked: Alison, Trisha, Linda, Lisa-Jane, Kim, David, Cristy, Cody, Flaunt,  Pedro, Dev, Matt, Keda, Chris, Karina, Christine, Lynae, Maxine Ice Minion, Wendy, Calvin, Romane, Maroz, and Karlee! I know I’m missing like a ton of people right now but I wrote this off the top of my head if you cant tell. So If I missed you please don’t take it personally!

Once again, thanks to all the viewers of this site and I hope you all continue to visit and enjoy the site as much as I do! Hopefully the site will have many more years to celebrate.